15 Profitable Businesses to Start With 10k in Kenya

Last Updated on: 9th November 2023, 01:30 pm

As Kenya’s unemployment rate rises daily, most people find it hard to survive in these tough economic times. Indeed, we have millions of unemployed people in the country. Statistics show that the unemployment rate has increased since 2016 from 2.16% to 5.5% in 2022. However, there are businesses to start with 10k in Kenya that can help you curb unemployment. 

In this blog, I will unravel profitable businesses you can start with 10k in Kenya. These business ideas are actionable in your region. I will also provide a cost breakdown to ensure you have the math right before starting the business. The cost estimates are valid at the writing of this article and are subject to change in the future.

Most small to medium businesses in Kenya started with a capital of less than Ksh.10k (Ksh. 10,000) For example, you can start a business with Kes.1000 in Kenya and still manage to grow it into a bigger enterprise.

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15 Businesses to Start With 10k in Kenya

These businesses can be the starting point for something big in your journey to financial freedom. Be keen to study the cost estimates and compare the prices with local dealers before starting out the business with 10k.

1. Salon: Business to start with 10k in Kenya

salon is among the businesses to start with 10k in Kenya

A salon business is a good investment with a capital of 10k in Kenya. However, you should have the essential hair braiding skills to start this business in Kenya. 

Depending on your location, you can get a shop to rent with around 4k and a business permit worth Ksh.3500. However, these estimates are valid in rural towns and not urban or semi-urban areas. 

You can get a blow-dry machine and a free Jumia kettle at a discount. For instance, with this link, you can buy it at Ksh. 2689 and save more than Ksh.1000.

2. Blogging

A blog

Being a blogger is another business to start with 10k in Kenya today. Blogging is a way of creating a passive income stream, and you can do it part-time. For example, I have been blogging part-time while doing other businesses, and it can now sustain me. 

I have created an exclusive blogging course costing Ksh.4000 at a 20% discount. The course is a blueprint I have followed, and it has helped me build a brand and earn money. 

After you buy the course, I will provide support in the first 2 months to keep you on track. 

You will also need at least Ksh.5000 to buy a domain name and hosting services to be able to run a blog that can make you money. 

3. Boiled Eggs/Smokies Selling

It’s the small businesses and a growth mindset that has the ability to create enormous business enterprises in Kenya. You can start an eggs and smokies business with 10k in Kenya. 

You can start by buying a distribution trolley costing about Ksh.7000. After you’ve got the trolley, you can buy two egg trays at Ksh. 400 each would total Ksh.800. You can also buy a dozen smokies costing around 550 in your nearest supermarket. 

In addition, you need tomatoes, onions, dhania, and pepper to make kachumbari to add to the taste. That could cost about Ksh.200. You can also buy a big sufuria around Ksh. 800 that can boil at least 1 tray of eggs at a go. 

4. Flower garden business to start with 10k in Kenya

Almost all homeowners in Kenya would love excellent flowerbeds around their houses. And that calls for a good business opportunity to start with 10k in Kenya. 

You can find a space in a busy town and set up a flower bed of different flowers that any Kenyan homeowner can buy. 

The good news is that most of these flowers can grow from cuttings, and you can easily get them at a small fee for free. You also need to buy the authorized black polythene for planting young trees to set up the flowers for sale. 

Depending on your county of origin, you can pay a business permit worth at least Ksh.3500 and book a space with around Ksh.2000 per month. 

You can use the rest of the money to maintain the flower nursery. For instance, you need water for irrigation and insecticides to keep the insects away. 

5. Vegetable nursery

With more people embarking on money-saving tips such as setting up a kitchen garden, you can thrive with a vegetable nursery. Most people in Kenya do not have the time or knowledge to set up a vegetable nursery for their kitchen gardens. As a result, most of them are opting to buy ready-to-transplant vegetables from dealers like you.

To succeed in a vegetable nursery business in Kenya, you should have various vegetables ready for transplanting. For example, you can have sukuma wiki, cabbages, tomatoes, and onions, as they are the most consumed groceries in Kenya. In addition, you should have the vegetables in different growth phases to keep the business rolling.

The good news is you can have the nurseries at your home and take them to the market when they are ready to sell. Since you will buy the seeds in bulk, you will likely save money on your investment. In addition, the maintenance costs will be so little regarding water and chemicals. Therefore, in the long run, you will have more profits in your business. 

6. Grocery business

grocery business to start with 10k in Kenya

You can indeed start a grocery business with 10k in Kenya. As the rule goes, start small and grow the business. You can start by setting up a wooded structure ( kibanda) in your nearest town. This will not cost you more than Ksh.3000, depending on the available materials in your area. 

In most county governments in Kenya, mama mbogas do not pay for licenses. However, some counties charge 1k to 2k annually. After you settle these licenses, you can use the rest of the money to purchase stock. 

It would be a good idea to find reliable farmers/suppliers where you can get a constant supply of groceries. To stay relevant in the market, stock fresh groceries such as Sukuma, cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, dhania, and some fruits.

7. Non-woven/Khaki selling

Khaki bags in Kenya

Since NEMA banned the use of plastic bags in Kenya in 2017, non-woven bags have penetrated the Kenyan market vigorously. The ban opened up many business opportunities for the youth and other unemployed people in the country.

You can start a non-woven and Khaki distribution business with 10k in Kenya. You can buy wholesale khakis for ¼,½, and 1kg, non-woven bags for ½ kg, 1kg, 2kg, and other corresponding sizes. 

ItemCost per parcel in Ksh
¼ kg Khaki50
½ kg Khaki60
1 kg Khaki70
½ kg non-woven50
1 kg non-woven70
2 kg non-woven80

Your direct customers will be business owners and mama mbogas in your area. The good news is you can hawk the bags from town to town during market days. The hawking will save you on rent and business permit licenses. However, you must get daily receipts for the markets you sell, not exceeding Ksh.100 daily. 

8. Diapers business

Selling diapers is among the businesses to start with 10k in Kenya

Selling diapers is another business you can start with 10k in Kenya. You need to visit a wholesale shop near you and buy different brands of baby diapers. You can also include adult diapers if the market has a hospital around. 

You can have in stock all sizes of diapers from Soft Care, Kiss Kids, Molfix, Pampers, etc. In addition, you can add other items, such as sanitary pads from different brands. 

With 10k, you can buy stock that can help you kickstart the business. 

9. Selling Mitumba is a business to start with 10k in Kenya

How much do you think Mitumba (second-hand clothes/shoes/bags) business people spend to start their businesses? Well, most of these people started their mitumba business with less than 10k in Kenya. You can also start selling mitumba with a budget of 10k.

To succeed in selling second-hand clothes in Kenya, you should specialize in one type of clothing. For instance, you can start with baby clothes, women’s, men’s, or shoes. Specialization will help you penetrate the market faster than selling everything.  However, you can always expand your business later as you stabilize. 

In addition, to succeed, you should be a mobile mitumba seller and visit nearby markets during market days. Here, you will pay a daily license of not more than Ksh.100, depending on the county of residence. 

10. Cooked food delivery

Are you near a busy market or a bus stop? You can start a cooked food delivery business with Ksh.10k in Kenya. You can start by setting up a temporary structure in a good location. Instead of iron sheets, you can use black polythene paper to cover your food kiosk. This structure would not cost you more than Ksh. 3000.

Furthermore, you also need at least 2 sufurias of 5ltrs each. Again, this would not cost more than Ksh. 1500. A jiko and a debe of charcoal will also be a good start for your business. 

After you have set up your kiosk, you can now buy the common food in the area of your business. For example, you can start with 2ltrs oil, rice 3kgs, ngano 2kgs, beans 2kgs, ndengu 1kg, salt 1kg, maize flour 2kg, tomatoes, onion and spices. 

You will also need plastic packaging tins to supply the food to your clients. With a budget of 10k, you can successfully set up your cooked food delivery business in Kenya.

11. Cleaning services

We have lots of businesses and homeowners in need of cleaning service providers near them. You can leverage the opportunity and brand yourself as a professional cleaner. 

To start a professional cleaning service, you should purchase cleaning tools to prepare you for the business. Purchasing the necessary cleaning tools and detergents would not cost more than Ksh.3000. 

For a start, you can go from business to business seeking to offer cleaning services at an affordable fee. When you get your clients, keep their contacts because cleaning is a continuous business need. 

Since more people are finding services online, you can also set a budget of around Ksh.3000 to run social media ads to create awareness and get more clients for your business. 

12. Landscaping

landscaping is among businesses to start with k in Kenya

If you have landscaping skills, you can start a lucrative landscaping business with 10k in Kenya. You can use some money to buy landscaping tools, such as a rake, wheelbarrow, pruning shears, hedge trimmers, etc. You can hire from some hiring companies near you for the more expensive tools, such as lawnmowers. 

You can charge your clients a project or hourly-based costs. You can make good money from homeowners, schools, hospitals, companies, etc. And as a rule, always keep the contact with potential and current clients.

In addition, you can use social media to advertise your work in your preferred location in Kenya. For instance, you can create a Facebook Ad for people in Nakuru and the metropolitan area. 

13. Plumbing business to start with 10k in Kenya

plumbing business tools

Are you a plumber? You can start a plumbing business with 10k in Kenya. With 10k, you can purchase the needful plumbing tools. You can buy tools like pipe cutters, pipe wrenches, thread seal tape, etc. These tools cannot cost more than Ksh.5k.

You can use the rest of the money to market your business on social media to attract more clients to your business. You can also search for plumbing projects in construction sites and new homes. 

14. Mobile Barber

More people are beginning to like more privacy while doing their hair, either braiding or shaving. That said, you can start a mobile barber business with 10k. For example, you will use at least Ksh. 1800 to get a complete set of shaving machines, face towels, and power extension on Jumia. You can get a discount if you use this link

However, being a mobile barber has its challenges as you will have to rely on your client’s power supply to render your services. But it would be a good start to build your business brand as you plan to open a physical outlet. 

15. Pest Fumigation

We all know how people in urban and rural areas have been having issues with ending the disturbance of bedbugs, cockroaches, and fleas. This brings in the business opportunity to start pest fumigation in your area. 

You need to buy a backpack sprayer of 16 or 20 litres. This sprayer would cost between Ksh. 1500 and Ksh.2500 in your nearest agro dealer. In addition, you will also need pest fumigation chemicals that are domestic-friendly. Your agro-dealer should give you the right chemicals.

You can use the rest of the money to market your business on social media in your preferred locations. 

Businesses to Start With 10k in Kenya: The Bottom Line

Now, you’ve seen the businesses you can start with a capital of 10k in Kenya. Why don’t you go ahead to start the business you have been yearning for? However, you should be careful enough to succeed in the business.

Like I said before, you can always start small and grow your business as you learn along the way. Always avoid the shining objects in business as it can cost you your money and time. What I mean is that you should try and focus on one business idea till it thrives. Do not start different businesses at once because you’ll be doomed to fail.

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